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SGB will be celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2019. SGB has played a major role in the development of the scaffolding industry, mainly because it developed the Cuplok™ system, one of the most frequently used scaffolding systems in the world.

Today there are millions of cubic meter of original Cuplok™ in the market, but also a lot of copy products. One might argue that this is proof that many of the contractors believe in the added value of Cuplok™. However, the risk comes from the design and loading capacities of the copies. Original SGB Cuplok™ is designed and manufactured up to certain specifications to hold specific design loads. For example, the Gr43 Cuplok™ loading capacity is 57KN. Gr50 Cuplok™ has a loading capacity of 74KN. Copy products might bring risks to contractors, as they might inadvertently use lower grade material based on the assumption that it has the same loading capacity and features. As result, failure could happen during pouring and major losses could happen. This safety approach is not only reflected in the standards for product development but also in the corporate-wide procedures for Occupational Health & Safety. This is why for 2015 and 2016, SGB have had zero LTI (Lost Time Injury) throughout Middle East, Africa, and South East Asia.


Brand Energy & Infrastructure Services and Safway Group merge. Brand Industrial Services, Inc. (“Brand”) will be the new name for the combined company. With nearly billion in revenue, approximately 32,000 employees worldwide, and over 350 locations in 30 countries, Brand is a leading provider of specialized services to the global industrial, commercial and infrastructure end markets. 


SGB became part of the Brand Energy and Infrastructure Services Group and has since developed into a one stop shop for contractors, with proven expertise and worldwide capabilities in:

  • Safe solutions for construction and maintenance, driven by safe designs and safety procedures starting from Employee Interventions and ending with the Management Safety Reviews, where management attend site visits to ensure that all employees and subcontractors are following the corporate HSE policies.
  • High productivity and cost-effective solutions driven by simplicity, which are more than ever important in today’s highly competitive markets. In addition, being a complete solution provider for walls, columns, slabs and access through forming and shoring, and commercial scaffolding creates a single channel for contractors.
  • Value Engineering and applications knowledge, including the BrandNet™ software to create 3D modeling scaffolding systems and three Global Engineering Centers in Italy, Germany, and Canada.


All existing access, formwork and industrial maintenance companies acquired by Harsco over the years, join forces to operate under the name of Harsco Infrastructure. This gives birth to one of the biggest suppliers of formwork, scaffolding, powered access equipment and industrial services worldwide.


Harsco acquires ESCO Interamerica, one of the biggest suppliers of engineering services for infrastructure work in Latin America and the Caribbean. This acquisition represents a significant strengthening of Harsco’s presence on the South American market.

Bell Scaffolding Group is acquired by Harsco. The company operates in seven locations in Australia and adds depth and major project expertise to the region.

Harsco acquire Nicol UK who specialise in the provision of scaffolding, insulation and painting services to major petrochemical, energy and industrial clients throughout the UK for new facility construction and maintenance. The acquisition strengthens Harsco’s capability to offer a multi-disciplined service to its UK customers.

Harsco sign a historic joint venture arrangement with Chinese state-run Zhejiang Construction Materials Corporation, one of China's largest construction contractors.


Harsco acquire Sovereign Access Services. The business adds depth and knowledge to the suspended access and mast climbing work platform experience in the UK.

Harsco completes the acquisition of Belfast based Buckley Scaffolding (NI) Ltd. Buckley Scaffolding, which had been in operation for over 50 years, is one of the best known providers of contract scaffolding services in Northern Ireland.

The international expansion is progressing rapidly. Further companies are founded in Peru, Romania, Russia and South Africa.


Harsco acquire Cleton Industrial Maintenance Services. The company specialises in providing scaffolding and related insulation services for the maintenance of some of the largest oil refinery, petrochemical, and process plant sites in the Benelux countries and Germany.


In November 2005, Harsco acquire Hünnebeck Group GmbH, Europe's third largest provider of formwork and scaffolding systems. With subsidiaries in 12 countries throughout Europe and the Middle East the acquisition adds countries including Germany, Austria, Hungary, Italy, Norway and Sweden to the Harsco network.


After acquiring a majority stake holding in 2001, Mastclimbers Ltd was fully acquired by Harsco in 2004, securing a market leading position in the UK mast climbing work platform market. The experience within the company also enabled Harsco to expand this specialist product offering across its geographic footprint.


Harsco acquire its former distributor in Australia, Raffia Contracting Pty, as well as Raffia's sister company Tower International Pty, both based in Sydney. The purchase enables Harsco to create a solid base for its emerging access services and rental equipment presence in the Australian construction market.


Harsco acquire specialist event supplier Seating Contracts and launches its events business as SGB Eventlink in the UK – providing a whole range of event infrastructure products from temporary seating and accommodation to fencing, hoarding and temporary roadways.


Harsco acquire Scafform, its former distributor in the Republic of Ireland and re-establishes a full presence in the region.


SGB Services Ltd becomes a part of Harsco.  Together with Patent, the acquisition marks the strategic intent to become one of the world’s largest suppliers of scaffolding, forming and related access products and services.

SGB acquire the Dutch insulation company ADB marking the start of the multi-disciplinary industrial service in Holland.


SGB Quebeisi is formed as part of the SGB Group, offering a whole spectrum of access, formwork and shoring solutions to the construction and petro-chemical industries in the UAE.


Patent Construction Systems becomes a part of Harsco.


During the 1950’s Patent starts to supply the formwork systems of Hünnebeck to the US market. This followed a short period of adapting existing scaffold systems and developing its own bespoke systems after it first entered the formwork market in the 1940’s. 


SGB enter the powered access market with a range of Simon Hydraulic Platforms.


Dr. Emil Mauritz Hünnebeck founds the Rautennetz GmbH company in Essen, Germany, dedicated to the design and manufacture of the “lozenge net” developed by its founder. In 1961 the company became known as Hünnebeck GmbH.

Daniel Palmer-Jones founds Scaffolding Great Britain (SGB Services Ltd). Immediately launching a product called the ‘Universal Coupler’ which is still widely used in today’s scaffolding industry. Right from the start, SGB proved to be an innovative supplier to the construction trade.


In the USA, the three companies, Pitou, Beinecke and Davidson, found Patent Construction Systems. The same year and with the introduction of a heavy-duty scaffolding system, the company sets new standards in access equipment safety.


Harrisburg Car Manufacturing Corporation is founded. The company is renamed in 1935 as Harsco (Harrisburg Steel Corporation).

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