Quality Driven

We are quality driven throughout our business processes and practice continuous improvement as one of the SGB core values.

All of our equipment is manufactured, rigorously inspected and maintained to our own, industry recognised, quality control standards. Our quality management team is involved in the regular vetting and monitoring of suppliers to ensure they do not compromise on material and performance specifications.

The processes we follow are outlined by our comprehensive internal quality manual, guaranteeing the engineering and product specificaton standards that you need to work safely. 

This philosophy underpins our approach to customer service and we strive to deliver exceptional results with solution-focused employees who share the company vision.

Quality consciousness is the keystone of the management of our product portfolio.  We enjoy a high level of repeat business and are a preferred vendor for a large proportion of our clients which is a testament to this commitment.

We are triple IS0 certified in the region.

Download our ISO Certificate

ISO 9001-2015.pdf

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