Suppliers | Keeping us one step ahead

At SGB we recognise that the ability to effectively support our customers at site level is dependant on having an efficient and quality supply chain behind us.

In the highly competitive construction and industrial maintenance sectors that we operate in, it is important that we partner with strong, reliable, innovative and competitive suppliers to help us keep one step ahead.

Innovation & continuous improvement are key

We proudly work with a diverse range of companies which offer a variety of products and services. As part of the sourcing and supply process we work hard at maintaining a clear, open and honest system of supplier approvals. This information is available to view in our code of conduct and we encourage suppliers to comply with its applicable provisions.

Our code of conduct

Code of Conduct_en.pdf

Innovative solutions and continual improvement opportunities that can be found in the supply chain are highly important for our business. By partnering with suppliers we can successfully meet our customers' expectations and continually improve as a company.

Got something to offer?

As a supplier that strives to be the best in what it does, are you able to offer something we don’t have or haven’t thought about yet?

If so, please complete this form to get in touch with us and one of our team will contact you directly if we have a need for your services.

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