TOPFLEX | Timber beam slab formwork

TOPFLEX® (previously known as VARIOMAX) is a highly efficient slab formwork system for any ground plan, slab size and slab thickness.

The system based on H20 timber beams is;

  • Highly versatile
  • Suitable even for room widths of less than 2.65 m, slab thicknesses of over 30 cm and room heights exceeding 4.5 m
  • Dispenses with rigid grid dimensions, depending on loads and static, thus reducing the number of props and beams

The TOPFLEX prop head is compatible with any prop, but the perfect partner is the EUROPLUS®new system. With a patented quick lowering mechanism, EUROPLUSnew makes lowering twice as quick to strike as on conventional props. If extra-high weights have to be supported, the ID15®new frame support is the ideal choice.


The joist clamp and joist girder 500 are available for the shuttering of joists. These two components permit the pouring of joists, edge joists, joist intersections and joists connected to slabs.

The joist clamp is fixed independently of any grid pattern to the upper beam flange and then supplemented by the height-adjustable joist girder.

TOPFLEX joist formwork also works with other slab formwork systems, e.g. TOPEC®.

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