MkII & DU-AL beams | Primary & secondary

The highly versatile MkII Soldier and DU-AL™ aluminium beams combine to offer a wide-ranging system of primary and secondary beam configurations for formwork and falsework.

The strongest primary beam in the range is the MkII Soldier, with a bending momentof 38 kNm, making it ideal for all falsework use. 

Using MkII Soldiers, very large flying and rolling tables can be created without the need for splicing, as all the MkII Soldiers can be joined end to end. 

The lighter aluminum T225 DU-AL aluminum beam, with a bending moment of 29 kNm, can be used when loading is less onerous and falsework structures require stripping and re-erecting.

Two core secondary beams are available from our range. These are the single-web S150 DU-AL aluminum beam, with a bending moment of 6.8 kNm, and the stronger twin-web T150 DU-AL aluminum beam, with a bending moment of 13 kNm. 

Both DU-AL aluminum secondary beams are supplied with a timber insert for the suitable fixing of plywood.

Download our MkII & DU-AL Beams flyers to find out more...


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