CUPLOK steel shoring | High load support scaffold

Developed by SGB, CUPLOK® is available in either Grade 50 galvanized or Grade 43 painted versions., It is a multi-purpose steel system scaffold for general access and shoring applications.

CUPLOK is distinguished by its unique node point connection, which allows up to four components to be connected in one easy fastening action.

CUPLOK is ideal for a wide range of applications including continuous façade, circular scaffold, birdcage access and staircase access.  It is often used for renovation scaffolding, façade scaffolding, masonry scaffolding, support or staircase towers, as well as being used in more specialised applications, such as shipbuilding.

CUPLOK staircase towers, mobile towers and loading bays are also available in our range. By adding new components and lighter materials, we continue to create new CUPLOK applications.

CUPLOK is constantly evolving and the latest innovations include the addition of advanced guardrails which ensure that the scaffolding operative can create edge protection for the next lift – from the lower one.

Steel scaffold boards are also available to help systemize the total package even further. The steel boards help to improve health and safety on and around the scaffold system.

As four components are secured in one action, productivity is high compared to traditional scaffold methods. Unique node points provide a wider range of applications.

The high grade tubes are 20% lighter than conventional tube, reducing operative fatigue and increasing productivity, are Highly damage resistant and suited to the most demanding trades and applications. Various decking options are available to suit the required application, scaffold boards, battens or decking platforms..

Heavy-duty access can be accommodated to ensure the system is strong enough to work in all environments. Bay lengths from 0.6m to 3.0m enable a wide range of solutions.


Due to its global popularity, CUPLOK is  a widely copied system. Genuine CUPLOK material should always be used to ensure that safety and load capacity are not compromised!

Download our CUPLOK flyers to find out more...

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